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Jocelyn Duford was born, raised, and currently resides in Southern New Hampshire! Jocelyn earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Dartmouth College in 2010 and has been performing throughout NH and MA since. She has been a featured vocalist in the concert series Something Wonderful I Missed with Not Your Mom's Musical Theater for the past five years and is also a soloist in their touring concert programs. She is currently touring (and booking!) her one-woman show, Jocelyn's ABC: Adult Broadway Cabaret with NYMMT throughout NH. Most recently,  Jocelyn took on the role ofAbby in NYMMT's tour of The Musical of Musicals: The Musical! and as Mary Poppins in Stage284's Hamilton, MA production of the musical! She is currently developing camps and workshops in theatre arts for young performers. As of September 2016, Jocelyn will take on the role of Artistic Director for The Fairy Tale Players Educational Theater.



"Mary Poppins, (played superbly by Jocelyn Duford), conveyed the practically perfect nanny to perfection. Her lovely voice, lively dance moves and energetic sword (umbrella) fighting all created the wonderful Mary Poppins we know and love. Ms. Duford’s interpretation of Mary Poppins was as good if not better, than the amazing Julie Andrews. With her button-shoed feet splayed out and her no nonsense orders to her charges. Ms. Duford brought character, love and humor to every move she made. Her expressions were priceless."

-Hamilton-Wenham PatchMary Poppins [Full Review]


"Jocelyn Duford is terrific as Mary. She delivers just the right amount of humor to her role while providing flawless vocals and effortless dancing."

- Wicked Local, Hamilton, Mary Poppins [Full Review]

"The highlight of the performance for me by far was Jocelyn Duford’s Nola. Her transformation from young girl to elderly woman was subtle, nuanced and totally convincing. When she sang however, she just gutted me."

-The Granite Stage, Weird Romance [Full Review]


"One comedic stand-out is Jocelyn Duford, whose lovable Candy has the best lines, facial expressions and the pipes to boot."

-The Telegraph, Zombie Prom [Full Review]

"Duford shined in a rare sad moment of the musical, singing an emotionally charged 'Tell Her I Love Her.'"

-The Dartmouth, Urinetown [Full Review]


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